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Ask Jot was a tool for analyzing web pages for keywords, displaying them as links to search results from various services around the web. Ask Jot was originally called Semantalyzr (the two words "Semantic" and "Analyzer" put together).

AskJot was used by adding the 'bookmarklet' into the links toolbar on your browser. When you visited a site you wanted to analyze, click the bookmarklet and it would display a page with the names and categories of entities found on the page you were at when you clicked the bookmarklet. This semantic analysis was powered by the Open Calais API that was avialable at that time. On the analysis page, each entity would be a link to another page that searched all the other services (that powered AskJot) at once, displaying the results on one page.

This part of AskJot has been out of commission for many years now.

AskJot was developed by John Wright of WRIGHTLABS.

AskJot is powered by ...

Open Calais

The Guardian
Open Platform


Wikipedia API

Flickr API

eBay API

Google Translation API

Yahoo! Answers API

AskJot is not endorsed or certified by any of these services

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