"WRTN LP" Wikipedia (via DBPedia)

WRTN-LP is a low-power television station in the Nashville area, based in Lebanon, Tennessee and licensed to Alexandria. The station, which broadcasts on channel 6, is owned by Richard and Lisa Goetz and was affiliated with White Springs Television (as WKRP-LP) until September 2008 when it changed affiliates to RTN (Retro Television Network, currently branded as Retro TV). The low power digital channel 7 started broadcasting on June 12, 2009. On April 27, 2009, the call letters of the digital channel were changed to WRTN-LD, but the call letters of the analog channel remained listed as WKRP-LP until 2010 (despite the callsign being reassigned to WKRP-LP (now WKWT-LP), a sister station in Key West, Florida. The station currently has a construction permit to move to UHF 19. more »

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