Son of Citation

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Your Fathers, Where Are They? And the Prophets, Do They Live Forever? by Dave Eggers – review

Dave Eggers's hostage-taker novel in dialogue is an angry and astute investigation into the state of America. By Mark Lawson... More »


Impac Dublin award goes to Juan Gabriel Vásquez

The Sound of Things Falling, a 'consummate literary thriller', takes €100,000 international prize for fiction... More »


Donna Tartt: Is this the year of The Goldfinch?

Following a Pulitzer prize last month, Donna Tartt's The Goldfinch is favourite to win the Baileys women's prize for fiction and is already tipped for the Booker. Laura Miller on an enigmatic author, famed for her storytelling and perfectionism... More »

World news

Bill Peters obituary

Other lives: Diplomat who co-founded the Jubilee 2000 Drop the Debt campaign... More »


Odd Job Man and Language! by Jonathon Green – review

More than a thousand terms for penis, from 'Aaron's rod' to 'zubrick' ... Sam Leith on Mr Slang and his lexicon derived from love... More »

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Son of the soil

Though he denies being British, he's the UK's leading poet and has now reworked an English masterpiece. But, says Nicholas Wroe, the Irish farm boy who went on to win the Nobel prize is dogged by critics who complain he's too detached from the Troubles... More »


James Campbell: Notes on a native son

James Campbell amassed hundreds of James Baldwin's letters for a biography but was barred from publishing them. Following our recent article on wrangles over TS Elliot's correspondence, Campbell argues that Baldwin would have had no qualms about full disclosure of his private affairs.... More »

UK news

Harry Potter enjoys a spell in the dictionary

First children's dictionary to include citations from the best of children's literature. ... More »

UK news

Brits to the fore in Oscar nominations

Dench and Winslet both named for Iris but Lord of the Rings leads the dance with 13 citations... More »

UK news

Interviews with Falklands veterans

Veterans and mothers who lost sons recall the war that changed their lives.... More »

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"Son of Citation"

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