Sawing Woman in Half Photos

"Sawing Woman in Half Photos" Latest News - The Guardian


Wimbledon 2014 live: Sharapova and Djokovic in action | Xan Brooks

Rolling report: Keep up with all the latest news and results from SW19 with Xan Brooks's updates... More »


Glastonbury 2014: Friday night with Arcade Fire as it happened

It's Friday night at Glastonbury, and our man is ensconced in front of the TV with remote control and pizza to hand to cover everything that happens... More »


World Cup 2014: day 16 – as it happened

Rolling report: All the latest updates and news from Brazil as the tournament headed into the knockout stages... More »

World news

Battle for Donetsk airport: the story of one Russian fighter

Evgeny Korolenko was born in the Soviet Union in 1967 and died in Ukraine in 2014. His story sheds light on the Russian militia - and the efforts to cover their traces. Elena Kostyuchenko reports... More »


World Cup 2014: day 11 – as it happened!

As it happened: All the buildup to the action in Groups G and H on Sunday, with the USA taking on Portugal... More »

"Sawing Woman in Half Photos" Most Relevant - The Guardian


'All woman and half a man'

She was a renowned sculptor then Fiore de Henriquez withdrew from the public eye to conceal an extraordinary secret: she was, in fact, a hermaphrodite. Jan Marsh on art and androgyny... More »


Hancock's half century

Sheila Hancock's 50-year career as an actress spans Carry On and the RSC. She saw her first husband die and beat cancer herself. Now she is preparing for old age - and EastEnders.... More »

From the Guardian

Mark of a woman

As a teenager, Padma Lakshmi was scarred for life. Yet, thanks to Helmut Newton, she has come to make a virtue of it as a model.... More »


How to take great summer photos | My favourite summer photo

Five photographers choose their favourite holiday image and share their advice for capturing the spirit of the season... More »


The woman who edited Nuts magazine

For Terri White, editing lads' mags, with their topless pictures of "real women", was a fast track to success. After years defending her career, she confronts the "monster" she helped create – and returns to face the women who bared all for her... More »

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"Sawing Woman in Half Photos"

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