Sawing Woman in Half Photos

"Sawing Woman in Half Photos" Latest News - The Guardian

From the Observer

Amy Bloom: 'We did not have people who identified as transgender lauded in the mainstream press'

The American author and ex-psychotherapist talks to Elizabeth Day about sexuality, Hillary Clinton and her ideal pudding... More »


England v India: fourth Test, day two – as it happened

Over-by-over report: England v India: fourth Test, day two – as it happened... More »

World news

Oscar Pistorius trial: judge will deliver verdict on 11 September – live coverage

Rolling coverage as the defence presents its heads of argument to the court, insisting the athlete did not mean to kill Reeva Steenkamp... More »

World news

Oscar Pistorius 'made up his mind to kill' – trial coverage

Look back at our rolling coverage as the prosecution presented its closing arguments in the trial of Oscar Pistorius for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp... More »


A desperate mother's American dream dies in Texan wilderness

After fleeing poverty and violence in El Salvador, a family's attempts to reunite mean dealing with extortion, misery and danger... More »

"Sawing Woman in Half Photos" Most Relevant - The Guardian


'All woman and half a man'

She was a renowned sculptor then Fiore de Henriquez withdrew from the public eye to conceal an extraordinary secret: she was, in fact, a hermaphrodite. Jan Marsh on art and androgyny... More »


Hancock's half century

Sheila Hancock's 50-year career as an actress spans Carry On and the RSC. She saw her first husband die and beat cancer herself. Now she is preparing for old age - and EastEnders.... More »

From the Guardian

Mark of a woman

As a teenager, Padma Lakshmi was scarred for life. Yet, thanks to Helmut Newton, she has come to make a virtue of it as a model.... More »


How to take great summer photos | My favourite summer photo

Five photographers choose their favourite holiday image and share their advice for capturing the spirit of the season... More »

World news

Guardian Century: how the Guardian saw the 20th century

Reread a selection of Guardian news and comment articles from 1899 to 1999... More »

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"Sawing Woman in Half Photos"

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