Sawing Woman in Half Photos

"Sawing Woman in Half Photos" Latest News - The Guardian

World news

Nevada's armed militia proclaims victory in range showdown

Armed supporters of Cliven Bundy, rancher who orchestrated tense standoff against federal Bureau of Land Management, still guarding his farm... More »

Art and design

Jane Hilton's best shot: the line-up at Madam Kitty's Cathouse, Nevada

'They ring a bell and all the girls at the brothel have to come out of their rooms and line up, and the clients get to choose'. Jane Hilton talks to Ben Beaumont-Thomas... More »

Art and design

'Thrilling and prophetic': why film-maker Chris Marker's radical images influenced so many artists

From experimental sci-fi to cartoon cats, Chris Marker's work was profound, prophetic and hugely influential. Ahead of a new exhibition, Sukhdev Sandhu and others examine his cult appeal... More »


Liverpool v Manchester City – as it happened!| Ian McCourt

Minute-by-minute report: Liverpool seized the initiative in the title race witha vital win despite City's second-half fightback... More »

World news

Oscar Pistorius trial live - 11 April

Pistorius faces another day of gruelling cross-examination after admitting he had 'no reason' to fire ... More »

"Sawing Woman in Half Photos" Most Relevant - The Guardian


'All woman and half a man'

She was a renowned sculptor then Fiore de Henriquez withdrew from the public eye to conceal an extraordinary secret: she was, in fact, a hermaphrodite. Jan Marsh on art and androgyny... More »


Hancock's half century

Sheila Hancock's 50-year career as an actress spans Carry On and the RSC. She saw her first husband die and beat cancer herself. Now she is preparing for old age - and EastEnders.... More »


How to take great summer photos | My favourite summer photo

Five photographers choose their favourite holiday image and share their advice for capturing the spirit of the season... More »

From the Guardian

Mark of a woman

As a teenager, Padma Lakshmi was scarred for life. Yet, thanks to Helmut Newton, she has come to make a virtue of it as a model.... More »


The woman who edited Nuts magazine

For Terri White, editing lads' mags, with their topless pictures of "real women", was a fast track to success. After years defending her career, she confronts the "monster" she helped create – and returns to face the women who bared all for her... More »

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"Sawing Woman in Half Photos"

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