Sample of South African Passport

"Sample of South African Passport" Latest News - The Guardian

UK news

Woolwich murder: what drove two men to kill a soldier in the street?

Counter-terrorism officials focus on finding out how Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale were radicalised... More »


Wada to get Jamaica tests report next week but Kenya delays frustrate

Wada's executive committee expects to consider the report from an inspection in Jamaica next Tuesday and to meet Kenyan officials to discuss a spike in positive tests... More »

World news

Syria: US sees 'no avenue forward' to 'meaningful action' by UN – as it happened

David Cameron says UK to put forward resolution on Wednesday
• UN inspectors resume investigation into alleged chemical attack
Israel passed Syrian government intercepts to US

... More »

World news

Syrian TV claims Briton Ali Almanasfi killed fighting for rebels – live updates

• UK Foreign Office looking into claim Briton was killed
• American woman shot dead, her family say
• Assad: Russia will deliver anti-aircraft missiles
• Opposition reiterate they will not attend peace conference
• Live coverage of all developments throughout the day

... More »


Drugs: The world wakes up to growing threat to sport and society

The problem is being recognised but are Wada and governments acting fast enough as sophisticated criminal networks become deeply embedded in sport and society?

... More »

"Sample of South African Passport" Most Relevant - The Guardian

From the Guardian

TV guide: Passport control

Who's in town, and why

... More »


Cricket: England v South Africa - as it happened! | Rob Smyth and Tom Bryant

England swept South Africa aside with an impressive performance with both bat and ball

... More »

World news

Author claims Aids figures based on false surveys

Writer accuses activists of stirring up panic.... More »

World news

Africa's secret - the men, women and children 'vanished' in the war on terror

Fleeing war-torn Somalia, the refugees trapped and missing without rights.... More »


Lance Armstrong's former team-mate David George fails doping test

The South African cyclist David George, a former team-mate of Lance Armstrong, has tested positive for blood-boosting EPO... More »

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"Sample of South African Passport"

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