Saini Sisters

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Saini Sisters is a popular epithet used for three sisters from Punjab who were international field hockey players, Rupa Saini, Krishna Saini and Prema Saini. At one time Saini sisters dominated woman's hockey in India and in the test series against Japan in 1970 all three sisters played together for India.Rupa Saini had a particularly successful career. She donned the Indian colours in the 1974 France and 1978 Madrid World Cups, apart from earning nearly 200 Test caps both in India and abroad. She also played in the 1979 world championships held in Vancouver. She also went on to win the prestigious Arjuna Award .Prema Saini, Rupa's elder sibling, was decorated with Maharaja Ranjit Singh Award by the Punjab government.Rupa Saini later went on earn a doctoral degree and was employed as a senior lecturer with the Government College of Physical Education in Patiala. She has also been in the past appointed as a manager of the senior Indian team by the Indian Women Hockey Federation (IWHF). more »

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"Saini Sisters"

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