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The Red de Revistas Científicas de América Latina y El Caribe, España y Portugal (Redalyc) project started in October 2002 with the general aim of building a scientific information system made up by the leading journals of all the knowledge areas edited in and about Latin America. Nowadays, Redalyc is an information system that also evaluates the scientific and editorial quality of knowledge in Ibero-America. A research group generates bibliometric indicators about the impact of the journals, authors and countries included in the journal electronic library. Redalyc has been consolidated as an important repository of knowledge with 550 journals online and more than 116 000 full-text articles.Since its creation Redalyc set a goal: to give visibility to the scientific production generated in Ibero-America, that is underestimated in the world-wide scene due to different factors like low investment in science and technology, the low participation of Latin American scientists in the main current of science, measured by the percentage of articles signed by Latin American authors in main databases and the low impact of that productionThe main communication vehicle of academic and scientific means is the publication in scientific journals. In this sense, the Latin American participation of authors or institutions in principal journals or the impact of journals produced in the region allows to know the effect of Latin American science in the world. According to Ricyt (2002), the participation of the Latin American scientists in “the main current of science”, measured by the percentage of articles signed by authors of Latin America in the main databases that register scientific publications was practically null, less than 3% in the important repositories, although there was a growing, for example, 2,7% in the Science Citation Index (SCI).Redalyc is an effort working under Open Access supported by the Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México [1] with the help of hundreds superior education institutions and information systems. Using the slogan, La ciencia que no se ve no existe (Science that is not seen does not exist) Redalyc has taken a giant step forward in providing access to academic research produced in Latin America. It is anticipated that the visibility of the full text of these journals will increase the citation rates and global research impact of Latin American scholarship.Redalyc provides the following services: A Scientific Journal Electronic Library Bibliometric indicators Socio-scientific networks Grouping of journals Usage indicators↑ 1.0 1.1 ↑ more »

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