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World news

MH17: Bodies arrive in Holland as Ukrainian rebel 'admits' missile system – as it happened

Forty coffins aboard two transport planes arrive at Eindhoven air base in the Netherlands as rebels shoot down two Ukrainian fighter jets near to crash site... More »


US core inflation rate falls; UK public borrowing beats forecasts in June – as it happened

UK borrowed £11.4bn in June, showing little progress in bringing the deficit down, as America's core inflation rate drops to 1.9% ... More »


Algeria v Russia: World Cup 2014 – as it happened | Scott Murray

MBM report: Algeria deservedly make it out of the group stages at last, 32 years after West Germany and Austria denied them in Gijón at España 82. Scott Murray was watching... More »


Can GM and organic farms coexist?

An Australian farmer has lost a court case against the GM growing neighbour who lost him his organic status. With your help, Karl Mathiesen investigates whether genetically modified crops will make purely organic crops impossible.... More »

Guardian Sustainable Business

Why don't we see climate change on our cinema and TV screens?

There is a groundswell of sustainable production going on in TV and film, but are we still short of sustainability scriptwriters?... More »

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UK news

Country diary

Weardale... More »

Life and style

Garden: layered planting

Plant billowy see-through perennials to create a beautiful hazy tapestry in borders, says Hazel Sillver... More »

Life and style

Alys Fowler: Planting garlic

You must get to know your hard-necks from your soft-necks. Plus the essentials of lifting tender plants... More »

Life and style

Plant pots with a difference

Fed up with boring houseplant pots? Then raid your kitchen for colanders, jars and even teacups, says Jane Perrone... More »

Life and style

Plant of the week: Poppy 'Plum Pudding'

This sumptuous oriental poppy is the definition of luxe, says Jane Perrone... More »

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"Picture of Plant Stem"

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