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A PC booter, or booter, is a type of software for home computer era (early 1980s to early 1990s) personal computers that was loaded and executed in the bootup of the computer, from a bootable floppy disk, rather than as a regular program; a booter thus bypassed any operating system that might be installed on the hard disk of the computer. Video games were the type of software most commonly distributed as booters. more »

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Customers overcharged for simple laptop repairs, says Which?

High street chains and independent shops charge three times amount of true cost in some cases, according to consumer group... More »


Boot up: pricing personal data, sizing mobile apps, dwindling tablets

Charles Arthur: Plus Shenzhen's iPhone crackdown, comparing iOS and Android app stores, Motorola's Germany problem, and more... More »


Boot up: more Android permissions, device growth?, Apple Maps updates

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Boot up: Amazon's challenge, 'blue packets', and disrupting disruption

Charles Arthur: Plus Microsoft's Cortana headscratcher, the thing about Windows 8, Samsung's family, and more... More »


Boot up: Microsoft's Nokia problem, BlackBerry PINtercept, UberX numbers…

Charles Arthur: Plus listening to the past, Tony Fadell profiled, SSD endurance test, the importance of Amazon's music stream, and more... More »

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How can I be more productive when using a computer?

Chris wonders why people keep going on about PC boot times when there are other things that have a much bigger impact on productivity... More »


Saving boot time with Windows

Hugh Roberts is tired of waiting while his PC starts... More »


How to spring-clean a PC that has problems booting

Bruce's old Windows Vista desktop PC has problems restarting. If taking the lid off and giving it a spring-clean, fails to work, what are the alternatives? Jack Schofield... More »


Free software to wipe a PC hard drive

William Hudson recommends Darik's Boot and Nuke program... More »


Windows PC boots to an empty desktop

Claire Owens Sand has a Windows XP laptop that is booting up to show her wallpaper and nothing else ... More »

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"PC booter"

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