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"Northern Territory Clothing" Latest News - The Guardian


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What could David Beckham’s BBC film say about the Brazilian Amazon? | David Hill

David Hill: Documentary starring ex-footballer is an excellent opportunity to portray the reality of life in the rainforest ... More »

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Michelle Obama charms Chinese and extols value of free speech

First lady wins plaudits for approachability in China where free speech comments are ignored by state media... More »


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How Vikings gave bling to the world

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FTSE fails to hold on to 6100 level but banks keep index in positive territory

Banks were in demand, both on the prospects for positive updates during the current reporting season and on reports that the government might ease bank liquidity rules, potentially saving them many millions of pounds... More »

World news

New inquest into dingo baby case

Thirty years after Azaria Chamberlain vanished from a campsite in Australia's Northern Territory, a fourth inquest will be held... More »

UK news

DNA of rape suspect tested in backpacker's killer hunt

The DNA of a man arrested in South Australia on rape charges will be checked to see if there is any connection to the suspected murder of British backpacker Peter Falconio, Northern Territory police have said. ... More »

From the Guardian

They never really go away

The existence of Tony Blair; managing the situation; mass-produced clothing... More »

World news

CCTV may yield clue to outback gunman

Police in Australia's Northern Territory yesterday unveiled enhanced video camera footage of a pick-up truck driver resembling the outback gunman who attacked British tourists Joanne Lees and Peter Falconio. ... More »

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"Northern Territory Clothing"

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