Music Choice Gets Urge

"Music Choice Gets Urge" Latest News - The Guardian

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The GOP wants the ladies to love them (just not enough to need birth control) | Ana Marie Cox

Ana Marie Cox: Don Draper's psyche is nothing to base a political strategy on... More »


Iman: 'I am the face of a refugee'

Iman is the Somalian exile whose fierce spirit drove her to become the world's first black supermodel. Now she's working to bring health and education to her homeland. She talks to Carole Cadwalladr about racism in modelling – and a secret holiday in London with her husband, David Bowie... More »


Glastonbury 2014: Friday night with Arcade Fire as it happened

It's Friday night at Glastonbury, and our man is ensconced in front of the TV with remote control and pizza to hand to cover everything that happens... More »


Dark Mofo 2014 – as it happened

We're in Hobart, Tasmania, for the mid-winter festival of intense performance, scary art, Bacchanalian feasting and naked swimming. We're blogging for the next few days – join us... More »


Bill Drummond's 10 Commandments of Art

Artist provocateur Bill Drummond achieved success with the KLF. But 'not resting on your laurels' is one of his artistic creeds as he embarks on a 12-year world tour… ... More »

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Re-thinking the treatment of mental illness

In too many cases, people suffering from mental illness have no say in the treatment they receive. Sophie Petit-Zeman reports on a survey urging a holistic re-think... More »


Muslims urged to embrace their role in the west

Muslims must reach out and connect with other Britons as equal citizens, and resist the impulse to withdraw into isolated communities, one of the foremost thinkers on Islam in Europe will tell his audience this evening at the European Social Forum in London.... More »


Music by the metre

Long before Pop Idol, there was another way for people with an inflated sense of their own abilities to pursue stardom. David Stubbs endures some song-poems... More »


Zune says there is no choice, says J Allard

Engadget got an interview with J Allard, the man behind both Zune and the Xbox, and tried to pin him down on Plays For Sure. The gist of it is that Plays For Sure is (by Microsoft standards) an open system while Zune is a closed system -- basically it's Microsoft's copy of Apple's iPod model.... More »


The best pop music of 2013: Kitty Empire's choice

Haim struck a blow for guitar bands and Disclosure and King Krule shone, but solo stars like Miley Cyrus went the way of all flesh, says Kitty Empire ... More »

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"Music Choice Gets Urge"

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