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GCSE results 2014: live coverage

Thousands of young people will today collect their GCSE results, from schools across the country. Experts have said that grades could go up but have warned that children in the most challenged schools could be the worst hit by a ban on mid-course exams... More »


A-levels results day and university clearing – as it happened

Overall A* to E pass rate drops marginally, by 0.1%, while A* rate rises slightly... More »

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Why becoming an entrepreneur beats joining the graduate milk round

We meet the young people defying the downturn by launching their own business ventures after graduating from university• Read more on starting a business ... More »


Sheffield students: we can kick Clegg out of power

Breaking his tuition fees pledge could cost Nick Clegg his seat – if Sheffield Hallam students rally against him at the polls... More »


How much does university really cost students – and their parents?

Tuition fees, accommodation, food: we break down the costs of university and let you know where you can find help... More »

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NUS strategy is in the balance | Liam Burns

Liam Burns: As the student union's new president I will try to marry lobbying efforts with direct action campaigns to defend its members' rights... More »


NUS: Fear of debt breeds inequality

Government is heralding interim Ucas application statistics as proof that top-up fees are not discouraging people from going to university. But scratch below the surface of the figures and a much murkier picture emerges... More »


Morris: NUS dole claim is scaremongering

February 20: The education secretary, Estelle Morris, today condemned the National Union of Students for saying that undergraduates would be better off on the dole.... More »


NUS survey reveals parents' fears for young people

Gloom over UK's economic prospects increases parents' concern at the lack of opportunities for their children... More »


The NUS president who's never been to uni

When Toni Pearce becomes NUS president July, college students and youth unemployment will be top of her agenda... More »

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