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HT (full name: Hrvatske telekomunikacije Mostar, English: Croatian Telecommunications Mostar) is a telecommunications company based in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is one of the three official telecommunications operators in the county along with BH Telecom and Telekom Srpske. The owners of the company include the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, T-Hrvatski Telekom and Hrvatska Pošta in Croatia.The company underwent two phases of privatization. In the first phase, (2003) the company was privatized between the government and two outside owners, the public company T-Hrvatski Telekom and foreign government-owned business Hrvatska Pošta, both from Croatia. In the second phase, (2009) the company was reorganized as a public company and listed at SASE with government still owning most stock. The effect is that governance of the company is split between large stakeholders, with Bosnian Croat officials governing the company and appointing management on behalf of the Federal government.The main activity of HT includes provision of telecommunication services on the local, state and international levels, in the following fields: fixed telephony (HT::TEL) internet service (HT::NET) data transmissionHT also provides mobile telephony through its subsidiary ERONET. more »

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"HT Mostar"

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