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In line with Albania's social code known as Kanuni i Lekë Dukagjinit or simply Kanun (English: The Canon of Lekë Dukagjini), someone is socially obligated to kill another person to save the honor questioned by an earlier murder or moral humiliation. Gjakmarrja (literally "blood-taking", i.e. "blood feud") or Hakmarrja ("revenge") refers to this practice. According to some reports, there has been a revival of instances of Gjakmarrja, due to the lack of state control, since the collapse of communism, in remote parts of Albania (mainly in the North of the country) and in Kosovo. The Albanian Helsinki Committee considers one reason for the pervasiveness of the blood feud to be the malfunction of the judicial structure. Ismet Elezi, a professor of law in Tirana University, believes that in spite of the Kanun's endorsement for blood vengeance, there are strict rules on how this may be carried out, banning the revenge killings of women, children or elderly persons. The Albanian writer Ismail Kadare considers Gjakmarrja to be not an exclusive Albanian characteristic, but a historical one of the Balkans as a whole The Brazilian film Abril Despedaçado based on Kadare's novel Broken April deals with the subject of an ancestral blood feud between two landowning families. The storyline has been transplanted from rural Albania to the Brazilian badlands in 1910. more »

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