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Fiji Teachers Union (FTU) is a union representing elementary and secondary education teachers in Fiji. It is a member of the Fiji Trades Union Congress, and Education International. The FTU was formed as a multi-racial organization. However, in 1960 the Fijian Teachers Union (FTA) was founded. The FTA limited its membership to indigenous Fijians. Most indigenous Fijian educators left the FTU, so that the FTU's membership is now overwhelmingly Indian. In 2004, the Fiji Teachers Union counted about 4,200 members (including over 700 indigenous Fijians). The Fiji Teachers’ Association had about 3,500 members. more »

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"Fiji Teachers Union"

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NEW Trade Unions of Fiji: Fiji Teachers Union, Sugar Cane Growers Council, Fiji

NEW Trade Unions of Fiji: Fiji Teachers Union, Sugar Cane Growers Council, Fiji

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"Fiji Teachers Union"

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